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David Grizzle "Spirit Man"


What is a "Transitional Facilitator"?

I am a “transitional facilitator”. I help terminally ill and dying persons take the spirit journey to the other side. This energy does not come from me, but from the creator’s love. I am only the hollow bone (the conduit) for the spirit guides to work through. My given name is David Grizzle. My Indian name is “Wakiyan Kodai Api” which means “Friend of the Thunder Beings”.

This special calling came to me as the result an auto accident. Since then, I have been sharing words of wisdom, prayer, comfort, and loving/healing energy to support an individual’s transition from this side to the other. I do not know how this works. I just share my stories and it helps.

The Accident: In 1975, I was driving to work down a two-lane country road in North Carolina. Un-be-known to me an 18 wheeler tractor truck and trailer was traveling the opposite direction in my lane. The glare of the sun was in my eyes and I never saw the truck hit me head on. (See the before and after photos of my pinto.)

Most of what I am going to share with you now was told to me by assorted rescue, hospital personnel, family members, and physicians. As you can see from the photo, the pinto was in a state of destruction. I did not have a seat belt on and there were no air bags in those days. The steering wheel column was driven into my chest and the damage to my head and body was extensive. The rescue personnel had to cut the car away piece by piece to get me out. During this removal period and ambulance transport, I was in and out of consciousness. Upon arrival to the hospital and during surgery, I understand that the physicians’ pronounced me dead several times.
I suffered extensive damage to my body and remained in the hospital for many months. The day of the accident I weighed 185 pounds. When I left the hospital to go home I weighted 90 pounds. My physical, mental, emotional and spiritual recovery took years. In many ways I think I am still recovering. My recollection of events are really different that the ones told to me by my rescuers, family members, and surgeons.

What I recall are dozens of trips into what I describe as a tunnel of light. I remember talking to beings of light and loved ones on the other side. I remember the overwhelming feelings of love, grace, warmth, and access to knowledge that was timeless. I recall me arguing with them to stay in the light. I did not want to go back into my broken and injured body. The pain was extreme. Each time I went back into my body, I would leap back into the tunnel of light.

The beings of light told me that I had to stay. I had a purpose and that my destiny was to help people make the journey to the other side. They told me that they would use me as a tool and that my story would remove their fear of the transition from body to spirit.

Since my accident, I have struggled with this calling and purpose. I have studied, traveled, and learned from many different types of healers, channels, psychics, and spiritual leaders. At times, I found myself frustrated, confused, and angry at the primal pull to do this work. Through their teachings and mentorships I developed my own style and method of sharing this gift.




Before the accident.

After the accident.